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We are very particular about the cats that we chose for our breeding program.   Our cats are genetic tested for possible health problems and to confirm the coloring of the kittens that they can produce. We show our breeders as kittens to help pick out the best cats to keep in our breeding program and then they compete for champion titles as adults. We also keep on file TICA five generation lineage. All of our cats are fed a highly specialized raw diet that I make myself. A raw diet helps Bengals lead a long healthy life and greatly improves their overall appearance. 

CH Starkittie Galileo of Tinyleopards "Leo"

Dam: CH Destinbengals News Flash

Sire: CH Snopride Jupiter of Starkittie


Leo has earned the Champion title from TICA.  He looks like he just stepped out of the jungle.  His coat is very plush, shiny. and loaded with glitter.  Leo and Loki are full brothers from the same litter.  I couldn't choose who to keep.  Whether is is playing with a toy or just wanting attention, he is almost always in your lap.  He's a very confident and outgoing boy.

KsBengals Agent 007 of Tinyleopards "Jay"

Dam: CH Ksbengals Autumn Storm
Sire: RW GRC Tailwinds Pegasus of Ksbengals


Jay came from my good friend Kelly of KSbengals.  He is a big loveable goofball that is happy all the time.  His favorite past times are running on the wheel, destroying his toys, and talking non-stop.  This boy will have full conversations with you.  He loves giving headbutts .

CH Starkittie Mercury of Tinyleopards "Loki"

Dam: CH Destinybengals Maia of Starkittie
Sire: CH Snopride Jupiter of Starkittie


Loki has it all. He's has a champion title and could go further but he does not like to show.  During his very short show career, he placed high is just about every ring and even received a "Best Cat" .  His coat is amazing with large rosettes and lots of glitter. He loves his people and has a  sweet disposition.  We have had several litters sired by Loki and they've all been amazing.  

Starkittie Batman of Tinyleopards "Batman"

Dam: Starkittie Metallah
Sire: RW QCH Starkittie Saturn


Batman is a silver charcoal bengal.  He came from a good friend of mine at Starkittie Bengals.  He is one of my most mischievous cats and is always getting into something.  He's really fast about it too. One minute he's being a good boy and the next, he's into something.  With that face, you can't stay mad at him.  He's a big cuddler and loves to be held like a baby and have his belly rubbed.  

TGC Ksbengals Stoli of Tinyleopards "Stoli"

Dam: Kotykatz Tigerlily of Ksbengals
Sire: RW QGC Ksbengals Bruce Wayne


Stoli came from a good friend of mine and fellow breeder, Kelly Swindell, of Ksbengals.  She is the same breeder Vesper and Jay came from.  He's one of the missing pieces of my program.  Not only will he produce snows, but he will also produce charcoals as well.  He's a good-natured guy that is the epitome of lap cat.  I like to have a theme with the cats I purchase from other breeders.  Kelly is a bar tender so naturally, her cats need to have bar related names.  At his very first show, he earned a Grand Champion title.

DGC Tinyleopards Sharp Dressed Man

Dam: 1Purfectpride Le Chat Noir

Sire:  Starkittie Batman of Tinyleopards

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Ozzy is the absolute best cat.  He is such a love bug.  I love his bone structure, straight profile, and thick tail.  

Photos taken by Kelly Swindell

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