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Available Kittens

Our goal at Tinyleopards Bengals is to produce well-socialized, healthy, and beautiful kittens to complete your family.  They are raised in our home with lots of love and attention.  Every kitten will be spayed/neutered prior to going home.  The only exception is for a breeding kitten.  They will have their current vaccinations, microchipped, examined by a licensed veterinarian, dewormed, and have a health guarantee.  Each will receive a three day warranty for viral diseases as well as a 1 year warranty for both congenital and hereditary defects.  

Health:  All of our breeding cats undergo a series of health tests.  these tests screen for hereditary diseases.  By doing this, we are able to avoid any potential problems for our cats, kittens, and their future owners.  We do routine PCR tests and feline leukemia testing to ensure our cats are healthy.  No cats are put into our program without undergoing all tests.

Temperament:  The temperament of each kitten we breed is very important to us.  We strive to breed only cats with amazing, loving, and social temperaments.  Since temperament can often be hereditary, no cat that is aggressive and unfriendly will be bred.  Because I am a stay at home mom, I'm able to spend a lot of time with each kitten ensuring that they will be well socialized and happy.  They are also around children as well as our family dog.  Often times, the dog becomes a best friend or surrogate mother to the babies.  

Availability: We encourage potential pet owners to contact us to secure their place on our waiting list.  By placing a deposit for the color and/or gender of your choosing, this ensures your place in line. Often times, a whole litter is spoken for before they are even born.  The pet deposit is $200 and breeder deposit is $1000.  We only sell breeders to registered catteries that have a good reputation, health test, know Bengals well, and have a large amount of experience breeding.  Kittens do not become available for adoptions until they are at least two weeks old and do not go home until 12-14 weeks.  Each is evaluated based on overall look, structure and how they meet the Bengal standards.

Kittens do not leave unaltered unless being sold to a registered breeder.

Breeder kitten prices start at $3500


All kittens will be spayed/neutered, microchipped, have age appropriate vaccinations and multiple vet checks. They also come with a 2 year congenital defect health guarantee, kitten contract and a month of Trupanion health insurance.

Anya and Batman's litter born January 23, 2023


Anya and Batman's Yellow collar female

Silver rosetted


Anya and Batman's mint collar


Silver rosetted


Pending adoption


Anya and Batman's brown male


Anya and Batman's lavender collar


Silver rosetted

Under observation

Not available at this time


Anya and Batman's purple collar


silver charcoal

Currently under observation and not available

CH Skye and GCH Stoli's litter born January 25, 2023

Skye's orange collar male



Skye's Green collar


Silver Charcoal

Under Observation

Not available at this time

Skye's dark pink collar


Silver charcoal

Under Observation

Not available at this time

Skye's red collar


Silver Rosetted 




Zelda and Batman had five babies on March 16th.  There are three males and two females.  All are charcoal silvers or charcoal browns.  Photos will be posted at 6 weeks old.  Deposits are required to either hold your kitten or place in line for the waiting list.

Selena and Batman had one singleton silver girl.  This is Selena's last litter of babies and she will be spayed along with her little one.  Both Selena and the baby will be made available for adoption.

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