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All about us

I've had cats my entire life and cannot think of a time without having one.  My family is full of cat people, especially my father and grandfather.  So, to say my passion for cats comes naturally is an understatement.  They've been an endless source of comfort during hard times and joy during happier times.  Cats are naturally tuned into to your moods and seem to become whatever you need them to be.  Whether it's an ear to listen, or a warm blanket when it's cold, they're always there for you.  Now back to my bengal story.  You can't help who you fall in love with, and I happened to fall in love with someone that has asthma and cat allergies.  I forced him to live with my domestic shorthairs, but he had a really hard time with them.  Our oldest son has asthma and cat allergies as well.  When a friend of my mom told her she had a litter of bengal kittens that needed homes, my instinct was to go snuggle the babies.  I didn't know much about the breed at the time but talking to the breeder lit a passion inside of me.  From there, the obsession began.  I found myself a mentor and began learning as much as I could from her.  She took me to shows and informational seminars.  I studied their genetics and the breed standard.  I then purchased my first breeders.  There was no looking back from there. Before the first litter was planned, I continued exploring the breed and learning as much as I could.  I found an amazing vet that was familiar with the breed and could help me through all their medical needs as well as helping me become a better breeder through medical knowledge.

I've been breeding for about eight years now.  I'm always researching, talking to other breeders and learning.  There's always new and updated information to out to learn about.  


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