CH Tinyleopards Dark N' Stormy

Dam: Tinyleopards Anastasia
Sire: Tinyleopards Kodak Moment


Skye is an exceptional example of what a clear coated silver should look like.  She is stunning! She is one of my first keepers from Jay and Anya.  Not only is she gorgeous, she has a great personality and temperament.  She's confident and outgoing.  

Starkittie Raven of Tinyleopards

Dam: Starkittie Columba
Sire: Starkittie Bodhi


Raven is a seal spotted lynx point.  She came from a good friend of mine after I lost one from her unexpectedly.  She is the sister of Wren who was recently retired.  Raven fit right in as soon as she came home.  She immediately bonded with our other girls.  Raven has the most dense and plush coat.  It feels like velvet.  She's still young so her spots are still coming in.  Her personality is very playful.  She's always on the move unless she wants cuddles.

RW  Tinyleopards Eponine Thernardier

Dam: No Worries Marley of Tinyleopards
Sire: Ch Starkittie Galileo of Tinyleopards

Nina is the daughter of Marley and Leo.  I kept her and her sister Squirt from their first litter.  Nina is perfect.  She has lovely rosettes, big eyes, strong chin and profile, and the absolute best personality.  She purrs the second you touch her, and is always happy.  Everyone that meets her, loves her.  She's irresistible.

Amelia Grace of Tinyleopards "Mia"

Dam: Madam Bonita
Sire: CH Leopardbabies Walk on the WIldside


She is has a very glittered and nice sleek coat. She is a lap cat and always wants to be the center of your attention. Mia is the definition of a diva.  She's probably one of the sweetest cats that ever existed, but you belong to her, not the other way around.  She's very playful and seems to know everything that is happening in the house at all times. She passes along her great personality to her kittens.

Tinyleopards Selena Kyle

Dam: RW Eponine Thernardier

Sire: Ksbengals Agent 007 of Tinyleopards


We went through a DC phase and named a few cats after characters.  After getting Batman, we had to have a Catwoman.  Catwoman's alias is Selena Kyle.  Batman and "catwoman" just had their first litter of kittens together and they too have DC names.  Selena is actually pretty calm for a bengal.  She loves people and tolerates most of the other cats but prefers to be with us.  She is very affectionate and so smart.  We play fetch for hours and she even goes to get her springs when we ask her to.  

Tinyleopards Gypsy Soul

Dam: RW Tinyleopards Eponine Thernardier
Sire: Tinyleopards Kodak Moment


Gypsy is feisty, spunky, independent, impulsive, and the sweetest little thing.  She has a huge voice and knows how to use it.  She's an alpha kitty and likes to keep everyone in their places.  My lap is her spot and when she's in it, no one else can be near.  She loves people and having all the attention on her.  

Tinyleopards Harley Quinn

Dam: RW Eponine Thernardier
Sire: KSbengals Agent 007 of Tinyleopards


Harley is pretty laid back and quiet.  She's always in the room with or laying on me.  She's confident, easy going, and a happy girl.  She isn't afraid of anything and just goes with the flow.  I love her personality.  She's also a big boned girl.

CH Tinyleopards American Beauty "Maya"

Dam: Tinyleopards Bindi the Jungle Girl
Sire: CH Starkittie Galileo of Tinyleopards


Maya is calm, easy going, and may be the best behaved cat I own.  She's loving, friendly, gets along with all the other cats, and has such a sweet tiny little voice.  All her babies have had wonderful dispositions.  Her mother was one of my favorite cats ever and Maya reminds me so much of her.  I was waiting very patiently for Bindi to have another girl just like her but she ended up having to be spayed.  I'm just grateful to have her.  Maya will probably be with me forever.

CH Tinyleopards Million Dollar Baby "Priya"

Dam: Amelia Grace of Tinyleopards
Sire: CH Starkittie Galileo of Tinyleopards


Priya is a classic brown spotted.  She is outgoing, social and sweet.  She earned her champion title at her first show.  I love the horizontal flow of her rosettes, big eyes, strong chin and profile, and lovely contrast.  

1Purfect Pride Le Chat Noir "Zelda"

Dam: Kiki1 of Landofbengals
Sire: Yagobengals Royal Jumerah


Zelda is a melanistic bengal which means she is solid black but still has spots.  A black panther is a melanistic jaguar.  She can from a breeder in California and is an exciting addition to my breeding program.  I will not be breeding for melanistic kittens, but needed her genetics to start my charcoal lines.  Z is a vocal sweet girl.