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Tinyleopards Bengals

Committed to raising quality, well socialized healthy kittens

Our kittens are raised  in our home with other pets and our children.  


Genetic and health testing is essential to ensuring healthy adults and kittens. We test all our breeders.


We only put confident, friendly and outgoing cats in to our breeding program.  Personality can be hereditary.

Color and Type

We produce brown, seal lynx points, charcoals, and silvers. 


A quality, healthy bengal kitten is not cheap.  You get what you pay for.  Most "cheap" breeders do not do the essential testing on their adult to makes sure the offspring are healthy and free from genetic conditions.  The amount of money a proper breeder spends to test, feed, show, care for, and house far exceeds what we ask for each kitten. We breeders consider it worth every penny and do this for the love of the breed, not the money.



Here are some highlights of our Cat Show career up to to now.  We're excited to start showing again once Tica starts back up again.  Look for new and updated show photos in the future.

Some of our past kittens.  How adorable are they?



Jeni Myers

Tipp City, OH

Cell/ Text   937-248-8204

facebook  @tinyleopardsbengals

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