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Tinyleopards Bengals

Committed to raising quality, well socialized healthy kittens

Discover the Exquisite Beauty of Tiny Leopards Bengals


Welcome to, the premier destination for Bengal cat enthusiasts and prospective pet owners seeking the perfect blend of wild beauty and domestic charm. Our website is dedicated to showcasing the majestic Bengal cat, a breed renowned for its striking leopard-like spots and vibrant personality.


Why Choose a Bengal Cat? Bengal cats are not just pets; they are a lifestyle. With their energetic demeanor and affectionate nature, Bengals form deep bonds with their families. They are intelligent, playful, and full of life, making them ideal companions for those who appreciate an active and engaging pet.


Our Commitment to Quality At, we are committed to the highest standards of breeding and care. Our Bengals are bred from champion lines, ensuring that each kitten is healthy, well-socialized, and exhibits the best traits of the breed. We prioritize the well-being of our cats, providing them with a loving environment that caters to their physical and emotional needs.


Join Our Community on facebook, explore our website to learn more about the Bengal breed, view our available kittens, and read testimonials from satisfied Bengal owners. Join our community of Bengal lovers and experience the joy these miniature leopards bring to every home.

Our kittens are raised  in our home with other pets and our children.  


Genetic and health testing is essential to ensuring healthy adults and kittens. We test all our breeders.


We only put confident, friendly and outgoing cats in to our breeding program.  Personality can be hereditary.

Color and Type

We produce brown, seal lynx points, charcoals, and silvers. 


A quality, healthy bengal kitten is not cheap.  You get what you pay for.  Most "cheap" breeders do not do the essential testing on their adult to makes sure the offspring are healthy and free from genetic conditions.  The amount of money a proper breeder spends to test, feed, show, care for, and house far exceeds what we ask for each kitten. We breeders consider it worth every penny and do this for the love of the breed, not the money.



Jeni Myers

Tipp City, OH

Cell/ Text   937-248-8204

facebook  @tinyleopardsbengals

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